Vit X Male Enhancement Supplement is a SCAM with Serious Side Effects!

Vit X Review

It feels like every day new products like Vit X are released. The problem is that about 99% of these products are not only low quality and ineffective, but complete and utter scams. The whole goal is to convince you to sign up for their trial offer and then rob you of your money right under your nose for a product that not only does not deliver the promised results, but will most likely poison you and cause serious short and long-term side effects.

What is Vit X Male Enhancement?

Well, from the official website you are lead to believe that this supplement will make you a God in bed. It is claimed to boost testosterone levels which in turn boost libido, gives you better erections, more intensity, more satisfaction, and stamina. Only, not only do the ingredients not answer to these claimed benefits, but many of them could be dangerous.

VitX Male Enhancement

Why is Vit X Dangerous to your Health?

We’ve all seen it, a product that is claimed to have numerous great benefits but with rather shady ingredients and absolutely no proof? This is the case here. They do not even discuss the actual ingredients in the product, they simply list them. There is no solid proof actually confirming that they are safe and effective, not to mention no real proof that the combination and dosages in this product are safe and effective.

Here are the Ingredients:
  • Lepidium Meyenii: Though considered safe, there is very little research on dosages more than 3 grams daily up to 4 months. Not only this, though there are signs of its numerous benefits, this ingredient has very little research and there is no confirmation on how effective or safe it is, just insinuations.
  • Polypodium Vulgare: This ingredient actually has absolutely no connection to male health or improvement of sex life. Not only this, but it has such little research done on it that there is no known information on how safe it is and what doses are safest.
  • Epimedium: Though there are signs that it may actually improve erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems, there isn’t enough evidence to confirm it as it has not be researched enough. The problem? There are different types of this ingredient and there is no confirmation exactly which type they are using in this product. There are types of Epimedium that can cause dry mouth, vomiting, dizziness, breathing problems, and much more. There have also been reports of heart arrhythmia and abnormal heart beats.
  • L-Arginine: This perhaps may be the only ingredient on here that really does have some sort of confirmation behind it that it may improve erectile dysfunction. However, you must take 5 grams of it at least for it to be effective. Side effects you may experience are abdominal pain, bloating, blood abnormalities, gout, low blood pressure, worsening of asthma, airway inflammation, and allergies.
  • Panax Ginseng: This ingredient also has possible signs of being effective for erectile dysfunction. Only, it is considered possibly unsafe when taken for more than 6 months. There are signs that it actually may have hormone-type effects which could be harmful if taken longer. You will experience insomnia and may experience increased heart rate, high/low blood pressure, loss of appetite, dizziness, and more. Some uncommon side effects are severe rash, severe allergic reactions, and liver damage.
  • Saw Palmetto: There is no confirmation that this product could possibly be effective in improving your sex life. There are side effects too, dizziness, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and headache. There are signs that it may even cause pancreas and liver problems, and there are reports of liver damage though this is still to be confirmed.
  • Tongkat Ali: Though there are signs of improving male infertility, there are no signs that this product can improve the way you perform, there is insufficient evidence that it may boost low testosterone levels. It is considered safe up to 9 months.
  • Mucuna Gigantea: This ingredient has so little research that it actually has very little information online. There are claims that it may improve male fertility, but I have yet to find anything actually confirming its effectiveness in improving libido, sex drive, and your sex life in general. Hand in hand with its lack of information of effectiveness comes the fact that there is no way to confirm that it is safe.

The best part is that this is all packaged in a nice little special proprietary formula. They don’t do this to be mysterious but to prevent you from actually finding out how little of each ingredient is in the product, making it completely ineffective.

Vit X Male Enhancement

Why is Vit X Male Enhancement a SCAM?

Upon entering the official website you know you are about to get scammed. Not only do they try to pull off the “Ads Seen On” and putting images of popular male media outlets such as Maxim and Playboy. Trust me, this has not been advertised on any real and legitimate media outlets and is not being used by anyone in their right mind.

Further research reveals that the testimonials are fake. Fake names and pictures. Only natural considering the product they are promoting, but at least don’t try and pull it off. Just say they want to remain anonymous, but don’t use stock photos.

Lastly, upon research of the domain and the other domains that share this one IP address reveals that this is a part of a much bigger scam. This product is advertised alongside scam products such as Pure TestoXplode, King Size, Orolift, and Testo FactorX, among other scam supplements. You will not find any real company information anywhere on this website or anything to really find out who is behind this scam or who is producing and selling these supplements. It’s like taking a pill from a stranger on the street.

The most important part of this scam however, is the free trial offer. You are made to believe that you are getting a bottle for $5 and a free trial, but you are not told how long the trial is or how much the product really costs. It is hidden away at the bottom of the page. You have only 10 days to try the product, counting shipping time, and then you are charged the absurd price of $139.97. You will also continue to be charged this price every month and will receive a new supply every month. The truth? They are counting on you not looking further into it and ordering your free trial, forgetting about it once you realize the product does absolutely nothing and has side effects, and then not realizing how many times you’ve been charged until your bank account is in the negatives. Then, no one answers the calls, no one helps you, and no one returns your money. They simply disappear.

Overall VitX Male Enhancement is a scam website with a scam product run by scam artists that have numerous other scams, stay away.

Vit X